We Get It Because We’re Out There Too.
HeadsUp Systems was founded by two guys in Colorado who are crazy passionate about outdoor sports, solving problems and yes, even customer service. We pledge to make it right: if you have a problem or question about your order or your HeadsUp System, contact us and we’ll make it right. We are proud to say that HeadsUp Systems products are designed in Colorado in our Denver offices.

Don’t Get Racked.
Our mission is to ensure that the outdoor athlete never has to hear the crunch of expensive gear from the roof of their car as they pull in the garage. You can imagine, or maybe you’ve experienced, that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you’ve just trashed your favorite bike or kayak or rooftop carrier. Not to mention damaged your car and garage.

Your Gear Is Worth Protecting.
If you’re like most athletes, your sport is your passion. You’ve invested thousands of dollars in equipment along with hours of training. It’s your heart, your soul. And it’s worth protecting. So while the insurance will probably cover the damage, we think it’d be better to avoid the hassles — paying the deductible, replacing your gear, and repairing the car — altogether. 

works for kayaks, bikes, cargo carriers

Finally, A Real Solution.
We’ve heard all the band-aid solutions:

“I put a post-it note on my garage door opener so I won’t forget.”
“I hide the garage door opener under my seat.”
“I drag the trash bin in front of the garage when I leave.” 

There are a hundred other ways to remind yourself there’s a thousand dollars worth of equipment riding on your roof and that you don’t want to crash it into your garage roof. 

At HeadsUp Systems, we put our innovative heads together with some amazing electrical engineers to come up with a simple, elegant, easy-to-install solution that is both cost-effective and permanent. With a quick, one-time setup, the HeadsUp System watches out for you every time you come home, no matter what’s on your roof rack.