SHARE YOUR STORYcrashed bike from driving into garage

We've done it. You probably know someone who's done it. Maybe you've even done it.

We talked to hundreds of cyclists and other outdoor athletes as we developed this product. Every single person we talked to who had transported something on their own vehicle rack had a story. Many had driven into the garage with gear on the roof themselves, sometimes more than once, and all of them at least knew a good friend who had done it. Trashed gear, ruined racks - even a few buckled vehicle roofs.  It happens. Now it's time to share your story.  If you include your mailing address with your story, we'll happily send you some cool HeadsUp Systems schwag.

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John - Broomfield, CO
During the summer, I adopted the habit of installing my rack and bike to the roof of my older 911SC Porsche for the daily ride at lunch. Arriving at home one night I noticed that my next-door neighbor had erected a very LARGE (and out of code) utility shed that now loomed over my yard and my responsibility as president of our HOA. Angered by the issue, I pressed the garage door opener and accelerated into the garage, until that fatal moment when uncommon sound links to a common fear. The rack, with the bike attached ripped from the gutter rails and bounced off the back of the car. The repair expenses did not stop at the bike, but included the car, the garage door, and my ego. I will definitely be a customer.

Erin - Steamboat Springs, CO
I could have used your system several years ago when I ran into the garage with two bikes on the roof. It ruined both bikes and caused $1,500 damage to the car. The sound was so piercing you could have heard it from another zip code. The sound was from the glass of the back window of the car that shattered. It was a Chevy Blazer (remember those?) and the bike rack buckled and somehow blew out the back window. It was like the sound of a car crash. My friend (whose car it was) was laughing and I was crying.

Eduardo - San Francisco, CA
OK, this is a great product. I have not only racked my bike once, nor twice but, THREE times!!!! Luckily two of of 3 were OK, but the one that I wrecked was my partner's bike and it was a carbon and titanium bike, it went into pieces. I cried like no tomorrow!  Looking forward to purchase the system... or win it ;-)

Donna - Parker, CO
Once when a friend was driving my car with our two bikes on top, as we approached our hotel he drove under the canopy to the entrance of the hotel. Since it was not his car and he had never driven a car with bikes on top before, he was in the process of parking my car near the entrance when we both realized that the bikes were in danger of being creamed. Luckily, he was able to stop before serious damage was done to the bikes. It was necessary only to readjust the bikes on the carrier. We were lucky - mine was a custom Titanium that I treasured.
It was in the 70s when a cyclist friend picked up 6 bicycle racers at the airport in Miami who had just arrived from Caracas, Venezuela. He must have had a good car top bike carrier because he was able to put all 6 bikes on top. It must have been an exciting event to have serious racers for whom he was responsible to get to their hotel. The short version of this story is that he creamed all 6 bicycles. Although this man was a serious cyclist who appeared at many bicycle tours and had a lot of stories, these 6 creamed bikes topped them all.

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