The buzz about the HeadsUp Systems – Wireless Gear Alert System is building.  See what some of the industry experts have to say:

roof rack accessory

HeadsUp Systems selected to Popular Science 2012 List of Top Tech Innovations: Recreation Category

Popular Science Magazine, December 2012

roof rack accessory

Bicycling Magazine Gear of the DayHeadsUp is picked as Gear of the Day with a Thumbs Up review by Bicycling Magazine: "Setup is's a lot cheaper than replacing a bike or fixing your garage. And not losing ride time while your frame is repaired is priceless."  — essential bike rack accessory

BIKE REVIEWS: HeadsUp Systems, Wireless Alarm System
Bicycling Magazine, September 2011

roof rack accessory

"The cost of bike replacement and garage repair can be quite exorbitant, and the HeadsUp System can give you peace of mind in preventing an unwanted disaster."  Check out the MTBR demo video.

HeadsUp Systems Wireless Gear Alert System, November 2012

 avoid insurance deductible

"Harnessing mysterious rays and putting flashing panels on the garage walls, they set out to stop the world from 'getting racked'... Both audio and visual prompts told the driver and crew to get in the game while the garage door opener completed its mission ... In the case of homebound gear, we'd rather pay HEADSUP than pony up for Allstate's deductible." — avoid insurance deductible 

Don't Get Racked: HeadsUp Alert System, by Peter Reese, July 2012

 expensive gear on roof rack

"In sum, we were impressed with this product.  You have a garage and you have expensive gear that you transport on your roof rack.  If you are like me and interested in keeping your fun-inducing gear free from the junk pile and want a relatively inexpensive 'insurance policy,' the HeadsUp System may be your solution." — expensive gear on roof rack 

Wireless Signal Detect Garage, Saves Bike from Destruction
GearJunkie, June 2012

 wireless sensor reminds you

"If you're familiar with the crunching sound of bikes, kayaks, or other gear strapped to the roof of your car that's just been destroyed as you absentmindedly pull into a garage, you'll appreciate this HeadsUp sensor system that will stop such catastrophes from happening again.." — wireless sensor reminds you 

Wireless Sensor Reminds You There’s Stuff On Your Car Before You Drive Into a Garage and Destroy It
Gizmoto, June 2012

 roof rack protection

"Installation will take you approximately 28.2 seconds...pretty cheap compared to the cost of bike loss, as well as damage to vehicle and home...a pretty cheap insurance policy against human error." — roof rack protection 

In-Depth Review of the HeadsUp System Roof Rack Protection System
DC Rainmaker blog, September 2011

roof rack accessory

DIY Network's I WANT THAT show profiles the HeadsUp System.  "That's not the kind of crunch time anyone wants to experience. The HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System will clue you back in..."
 — a must have roof rack accessory [1:30 min video clip]

I WANT THAT, episode DIWT-110H
DIY Network, January 2012

cyclist gift idea

Reporter Heidi McGuire profiles the HeadsUp System as a great holiday gift for cyclists and kayakers in the 9NEWS Holiday Gift Guide. [0:45 min video clip]

Denver NBC 9NEWS Holiday Gift Guide
9NEWS - Denver, December 2011

roof rack accessory

"...the trip was so epic that you couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way home — and that’s when you plow your new composite baby right into the rafters of your happens to plenty of preoccupied gear heads every year. The HeadsUp System is designed specifically to stop this tragedy from happening." — roof rack accessory

HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System
Gear Patrol, December 2011

roof rack crash

"I have driven into the garage door with bikes on the roof rack after returning home from a long roadtrip. I also know I am not alone in making this unfortunate and costly mistake. Now you can protect your gear and your garage with the HeadsUp System." — avoid a roof rack crash

Save Your Gear And Garage With The HeadsUp System
The Gear Caster, December 2011

roof rack reminder

A video interview by BikeShopRetailer:  Heads Up Systems' President and Co-Founder Karl Sowa shares importance of their product in protecting roof mounted sporting equipment when entering a garage. 
[1:06 min video clip]— roof rack reminder

HeadsUp Systems at Interbike 2011
BikeShopRetailer, December 2011

roof rack reminder

"HeadsUp works flawlessly ... I love the 'set and forget' nature of the product" — link to Gear's blog about training

Gear Fisher, CEO, Co-Founder, Training Peaks / Peaksware, LLC, November 2011

bicycle roof rack

The HeadsUp Systems Wireless Gear Alert System was featured by BRAIN as 1 of 12 Day One Showstoppers from the entire Interbike 2011 tradeshow — bicycle roof rack reminder

Heading off Headaches
Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN), September 2011

bike rack garage crash

"...if you've ever smashed any of your stuff (and I'll admit that I have done this once), you know that it's cheaper than repairing or replacing your gear and potentially having to fix your house as well."
— avoid the bike rack garage crash

HeadsUp: The Anti Smashing-Into-Garage Warning Device Bicycling, September 2011

avoid smashing your bike against garage

" could just proceed to drive into [your garage] out of habit, and end up smashing your bike against the bottom of its raised door." — avoid smashing your bike against garage

HeadsUp System keeps your car-topped gear from getting 'racked'
gizmag, September 2011

bicycle rack accessory

Reporter Billy Carmen interviews HeadsUp co-founder Tom Rieber about the Wireless Gear Alert System. [1:55 min video clip]— bicycle rack accessory

Heads Up Roof tool review Top Warning System Product News Report
Product News Channel, September 2011

roof rack reminder

"You've invested thousands of dollars in equipment along with hours of's worth protecting."
roof rack reminder

HeadsUp Prevents Outdoor Damage
Downtown Denver News, August 2011

prevent garage door accidents

"It will especially attract those customers who've unfortunately clanged their stuff into the top of the garage frame." — prevent garage door accidents

HeadsUp System Could Prevent Overhead Garage Door Accidents
Professional Door Dealer, July 2011

avoid roof rack accidents

"...all it takes is to avoid one ‘crunch’ for the system to have paid for itself." — avoid roof rack accidents

Avoid Bang-ups with the HeadsUp System
Kinetic Shift, June 2011

save thousands of dollars

"Its purpose is to prevent you from...thousands of dollars of damage by driving into your garage with that bike or kayak still perched on your car's rooftop." — save thousands of dollars

Oh, no - You crunched your garage door again
Denver Business Journal, June 2011

avoid the bike rack crash

"100% of the cyclists and triathletes we talked to have either done it themselves or know someone who has." — avoid the bike rack crash

HeadsUp Systems is making sure you Don’t Get Racked.
TEAM EVERGREEN's bikebeat, June 2011


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