Karl Sowa, Co-Founder & President
Karl Sowa

Karl loves to solve problems and build companies, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer at NetQuote. There, Karl managed a team that grew company revenues to over $100 million/year. Prior to NetQuote, he was involved with concepting and launching online businesses at Teleflora, wwwrrr and Musicland Group (including SamGoody). He got started in online marketing and social media back in 1996 as the 7th employee and head of marketing for GeoCities, which grew to be the 4th most visited site on the Internet during his tenure. Karl has a BS in Industrial Engineering with Academic Honors from Columbia University, and an MBA from Stanford University. He is also an avid skier and has traveled thousands of miles by bicycle through Norway, Scotland and California. He has never driven into a garage with bikes on the roof rack, but his dad has.


Tom Rieber, Co-Founder & EVP Sales & Distribution
Tom Rieber

The initial idea for what is now HeadsUp Systems came to Tom after a long night-ride on his mountain bike in 1996, when he drove his car and bicycle into the garage. In the late 90ʼs, Tom melded his career with his passion for cycling as the Associate Director of The GTE Big Ride Across America, a.k.a. the “Largest Cross Country Bike Ride in American History.” Through the early 2000ʼs, he found a challenging career with IBM, nurturing a strong work/life balance that allowed him to maintain a rigorous training and racing schedule. Racing in hundreds of local races over the years, Tom had some notable accomplishments, like completing the “The Toughest 48 hours in Sport,” The Furnace Creek 508 in 2003; winning multiple California State Championships; twice qualifying for the Elite National Track Championships; and in 2006, placing 4th in the Team Pursuit at the Elite National Track Championships. Tom is also a licensed EMT, ACSM-certified personal trainer, and Level 3 USAC-certified cycling coach. He still finds time to train and compete.

Better Embedded Engineering, LLCBetter Embedded Engineering logo
HeadsUp is pleased to be working with a leading electronics industry veteran with over three decades of electronics design and manufacturing experience.  He has held VP-level engineering roles in several leading high technology and consumer electronics companies, and has been responsible for concepting, refining and producing multiple patented electronic products.  In addition to consulting with HeadsUp, he leads the engineering team for a California-based electronics company.

PRIDE Industries, Warehousing & Distribution Services
PRIDE Industries logo HeadsUp has contracted with PRIDE Industries in Roseville, CA, for warehousing and distribution services.  PRIDE is a not-for-profit company operating in 10 states and the nation’s capital that includes in its mission the goal of creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities.  PRIDE employs more than 4,300 employees, including over 2,700 people with disabilities, to deliver first-rate manufacturing and service solutions to businesses and government agencies nationwide.  At HeadsUp Systems we love it that we can get first-class logistics services and support our community at the same time. PrideIndustries.com

Ryan Dingus, IT Systems Design & Support
Ryan Dingus

Ryan has 9+ years of web development experience across multiple platforms and technologies. He currently works at EastFace Software and provides IT consulting services to a variety of clients, including HeadsUp Systems. EastFaceSoftware.com




Nicolas O.S. Marques, Photography
Nicolas O.S. Marques

Nico is a professional photographer and architect living in Los Angeles, CA.  He met Tom in Los Angeles during a time when both had delusions of grandeur in regards to their cycling careers.  Well, Nico had delusions, while Tom actually won competitions...so Nico took the agony of defeat as a hint to focus his energy elsewhere.  Photography + Architecture and his 2-year-old have all but made him forget Tom's smack downs, but the images of friends running their racing machines into garage headers remain.  Thus, Nico was delighted to do a small part to help fight this plight and to aid in growing a company which might just save the world someday.  Obviously the delusions of grandeur have also not completely been lost. Photekt.com


  Liza Nelson, Graphic Designer
Liza Nelson

Liza likes to make things — just like the rest of us here at HeadsUp. After graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors from John Brown University with a BS in Graphic Design, Liza moved to Denver, Colorado, where she has been a freelance graphic design star for clients including the Denver Theatre District, AXL Academy (an Aurora charter school), the Denver Art Museum, and — of course — HeadsUp Systems.