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Where can I see a demo of the product? How does it work?

A video demo is available here.

The system includes an LED Alert Sign that mounts in your garage, tiny wireless Gear Tags that go on your gear, and a wireless InCar Alerter that sits in your vehicle. When you return home with your gear, the wireless module in the Alert Sign detects the Gear Tags on your gear as soon as you are within the 50-100 foot range. The Alert Sign flashes and sends a signal to the InCar Alerter, sounding a tone in your vehicle and reminding you to stop and unload your gear. You can press a button on the InCar Alerter to stop the sound if you wish. The alert sign in your garage will continue to flash for 3 minutes as a visual reminder to protect your gear.

Why is a HeadsUp System better than other approaches like putting my garage door opener in the back seat whenever I have gear on the roof?

Manual solutions like remembering to put your opener in the back seat every time or dragging a trash can in front of your garage spot work great - until the one time you forget to do it. We've heard lots of stories from people who wrecked their bikes because of the "one time I forgot to..." Once you set up your HeadsUp System, it is always on and always reminds you of your roof-mounted gear when you come home.

Do I have to wire anything into my car?

No. The InCar Alerter is a small battery powered device that you can simply place in your center console or anywhere you want in your vehicle. No wiring is required and the replaceable battery in the Alerter lasts over one year with typical use.

Why does this mount in the garage?

There are several advantages to a garage-mounted system:
  • You install it once and forget it — it's on automatically every time you come home.
  • Most roof rack accidents happen at the home garage. That's because you are on "auto-pilot," used to driving in and out without gear on your roof most of the time. And because you often come home with your sports gear from a long outing tired, hungry and ready for a hot shower.

What if I have more than two bicycles or other gear I want to protect?

The HeadsUp System ships with two water-resistant Gear Tags and one InCar Alerter. Additional Tags and Alerters are available separately to protect up to 100 gear items and vehicles with one system.

How long do the batteries last?

With typical use, a Gear Tag battery lasts 2 years or more and the InCar Alerter battery lasts over a year. The Alert Sign monitors the condition of the replaceable batteries, and when a low battery is detected, it will light a low-battery indicator on the sign to let you know to replace the battery before the system stops working. The devices use widely available CR1632 coin-cell type batteries.
You can view our battery installation and removal videos on our YouTube Channel.


I just plugged my new system in and the sign lights up, but when I walk to the end of the driveway and back with my gear tag and alerter to test it, nothing happens.  Is something wrong?

No - the system is working as it should. The system can detect your gear tag and alerter as far as 500 feet away from the sign, sometimes more! For an accurate test, you need to drive several blocks away with your alerter and a gear tag in the car, and then return and the sign will go off as it should.  The tag and alerter need to be more than 500 feet away from the sign for at least 30 seconds for the sign to trigger when you return.

Can I see a copy of the user manual online?

Sure - here is a link to a pdf of the Wireless Gear Alert System User Manual.
ALSO You can view our battery installation and removal videos on our YouTube Channel.

How do I set up a HeadsUp System?

Installation is a quick one-time project that only takes a few minutes:
   (1) Hang Alert Sign. Hang the Alert Sign inside your garage where you will see it as you are pulling into the garage. Plug it in
         using the provided power cord.
   (2) Attach Gear Tags. Attach one of the tiny Gear Tags to each gear item you want to protect. You can use the easy silicone loop to attach a Tag
         to any tube on your bicycle, or simply place it where it will always be with your gear:  a saddle bag, kayak cargo area, inside roof-top box, etc.
   (3) Place Alerter in Vehicle. Put the Alerter device in your car – clipped to the visor, or set in the center console, ashtray, door bin – wherever you
          will hear it when it goes off.
You're done! The system will now automatically watch out for your gear every time you come home.
ALSO You can view our system installation video at Installation Video.

What if I park in a condo/apartment garage that is also used by other people?

The HeadsUp System can easily be set up in a common-use garage like an apartment or condo building where it will protect every resident. Because each system can protect up to 100 vehicles and gear items with additional Gear Tags and InCar Alerters, it works well for apartment or condo buildings as well as individual houses. Please have your building representative contact HeadsUp Systems for more details.

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